Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've returned to Denton after a vital, restful, enjoyable Christmas vacation. From Tuesday at 11:55 AM, to Saturday at 1:00 PM, I have been smothered with the laughter, love, and comfort that lives within my family circle. The vacation brought about all my favorite foods that contribute to being the heart of the south; chitlins, gumbo, oyster dressing, and sweet potato pie made my time in Louisiana that much better. In fact, the activity I participated in the most was eating. Those foods aren't readily accessible to me all time so I took advantage of it. My cousin, Christian, let me tag along wit him so I wouldn't have to be a hermit at my mom's house. We hung out at the house, cruised around in his Monte Carlo, and chilled with his girlfriends and her friendsI hung out with my nieces and nephews on Christmas day. I get so much joy out of watching their faces light up with suspence and excitement as they open up thier gifts. They don't get to see me as much as either of us prefer, so we always have a good time, and take advantage of short time we share. The night before I left, I went down to Bourbon street and had a blast! People do the craziest acts when they are away from home; that's all I have to say, haha! We went to this club called Jazz Emporium. It was pretty much the most poppin' off place that night. I stanky legged on side of random people and dougied with the wildest of the crowd. It was a great way to end my vacation.

Above all, the vacation gave me a chance to refresh myself and have a chance to put my plans and ideas into prespective. It's time for me to start focusing on myself. I'm always focusing on hanging out friends, helping everybody be the best people they can be, and I end up not accomplishing anything I need to. Furthermore, I need to get my finances in order and be better at saving my money. My prior ideal about money was, "If I have it, I spend it." Unfortunately, that has gotten me in my current state. For this day forward, well into 2009, I will be "ballin on a budget."

As I've stated in previous blogs, school is at the very top of my priority list. With me being a second semester Junior, there's no room for anymore screwups. As much as I love interacting with people, hanging out late with friends, and sleeping in, I have to let those activities go.

Tomorrow, I return to work after 9 days away from my cubicle. I'm not looking forward to it but "I do what have to do so that one day I can do what I want to do."

With purpose,


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You can do it I believe in you!