Sunday, January 04, 2009


Four days I ago, I participated in a toast with some of my closet friends. A toast to an incredible 2008, and to an even better 2009. Looking back, last year was so wild. I lost friends, reconnected with old friends, went on dates, never got a second date, turned 21, made it very apparent I had just turned 21, and engaged in a number of different events and situations. Moments that I wouldn't have wanted to be any other way than how they turned out to be. As for resolutions to commit to for '09, I've decided to not make any specific promises. I don't want to disappoint myself when the moment comes when I don't go to the gym, or when I devour that fried feast. No, instead I'm just going to make a promise to mature and be more disciplined than I was last year.

Every since I returned to Denton from Louisiana, I've spent ample time by myself every day. I'm practicing disciplines that will hopefully become habitual, so that I'm less likely to neglect them when the busyness of the semester swallows me. Simple practices such as, hanging up my clothes and putting dirty ones in the hamper; waking up a little bit earlier so I can make my bed before I leave in the morning; going to bed at a decent time so I don't wake up groggy and restless; keeping my room picked up so that when it's time to clean it's not a major project. So far it hasn't been difficult to be disciplined in these practices, but then again I'm not going to class for 15 hrs a day along with working 40 hours a week. Also, friends aren't tempting me with game nights and random late night I-Hop and Wal-Mart runs. Yet, when those occrrances do arise, my plan is to be able to have enough willpower built up to sometimes take a rain check on those activities so that I keep my priorities in line.

Something that I have been earnestly praying about since January 1, 2009, is that God will bring a special girl into my life I can shower with overflowing love in which encompass. Or, if there is already a girl in my life, I pray that God will let that be known so that I may pursue her, and get to know her on a different level. The single life has been fun but I yearn for that passion, comfort, delight, trust, and happiness only found when in a meaningful relationship.

Due to the economy in utter turmoil, my employer has been effected. Thus, they have cut our hours. Therefore, being the independent perservering individual I am today, this week I will venture out into the streets of Denton, TX, to find a second place of employment. As my fellow friends, I ask you to please not hesitate with any information or leads on possible places of employment that suits me.

With Purpose,


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Good to hear from you dev!