Wednesday, April 29, 2009

decisions, decisions, decisions...

"What we do in life [[((echoes))]] in eternity."
There's not a millisecond that goes by without an individual having to make a decision. From whether not one should wear their Express V-neck or Ralph Lauren polo, or if one should move to Florida after graduating from college, a decision is made everyday. Some decisions are not as life changing as others, yet I do believe that we are affected in some fashion by every decision. Recently, I've been traveling on a roller coaster of decision making. These college years are crucial years in my lifetime in which making the wrong decision could be detrimental to my future. Last week, I almost made the wrong decision for my future that would not have helped me in the long run. It's so important that we know who we are and who we want to be so we don't make a decision that we think is right for us, and it ends up being the wrong one. For a second, I had forgotten who I was. Just because I fit in with a certain group does not necessarily mean I share the character and personality of that group. Thank God, my Savior revealed to me that I was trying to be someone I wasn't by saying yes to that decision, and helped me realize making that decision would not be best for me.

At 22, I feel like I'm forming into the person that I'm going to be for the rest of my life. As I encounter every situation and experience, I grow; I learn. I'm maturing and gaining ample "street smarts." I praise my Lord for all the times and heartache that I have faced. There's not one experience that has not taught me something. After this semester is over, I will have 3 semester left in my undergraduate career. I'll be done with college life and off to be a 23 year old man living life outside the "Mean Green bubble." I want to encourage everyone to know who you are, be who you are, and make decisions that will benefit you and only you.

I'm more than ready for this semester to be over. I'm looking forward to the hot summer days hanging out at the lake, goofing around with friends, and taking full advantage of Summer '09, when I'm not working or in summer classes, haha! This week is going by seemingly fast. I'm completely focused during this home stretch toward the end of this semester. My plan is not skip any classes up until finals. This is the time where I bust my butt, study super hard, and dramatically change my grades for the better. Pray for perseverance, diligence, and discipline.

With Purpose,


Friday, April 17, 2009

simple things

Two days ago, my grandfather turned 79. I called him to wish him a blessed birthday, not knowing how much talking to him would be lift my spirits. He absolutely loves life. Excitedly he shared with me that my mom threw him a surprise birthday party and he blew out all 79 candles in one blow! "They went out in one whop and the went down like the Titanic," he said. He was so ecstatic that I took time out of my day to call him and wish him a happy birthday. I assured him that there was nothing more important other than talking to my grandfather who has loved me before I even knew him.

This moment reminded of how much we take simple pleasures for granted. How many not view having the ability blow 79 candles out at ones 79th birthday party that exciting, it so very much is! We get so wrapped up in monetary gifts and "making it rain" in order to have fulfillment, that we are blinded to by the simple things that too can provide fulfillment.

I registered for Summer 2009 and Spring 2009 classes. This summer, I am taking a May-mester, Summer 1 & Summer 2. I talked to my advisor, and she basically planned out the rest of my semesters. I'm for sure graduating December of 2010. It's going to be such a fun summer :/

So, I have a new passion....I think. I want to take up photography as a hobby. I've always loved taking pictures and appreciate profound photography. Now I want broaden that and have actual work of my own. In the next few weeks, I will be researching and searching for a professional camera.

Tomorrow, I'm traveling to Kilgore, TX to go to "Revels" to see my lil sis, Nitasha Slagle perform is her first spring show as a Rangerette. Other than that, this weekend is filled with work and homework.

With Purpose,


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

on my grind

Right in front of my eyes, this semester is flying by. There's about a month left in the semester until summer vacation; words can't paint the picture enough of how elated I am for summer. I am at my happiest when summer is in season. I look forward to spending ample time on the lakes of Texas, tubing, jet skiing, and taking in the sun rays. However, my entire summer won't be spent on the water. A good chunk of each day, I will be sitting in a classroom because I'm taking 12hrs of summer school. If I do not want to be a year behind this is what I have to do.

So, Last week I started working at the new Red Lobster in Denton. I'm experiencing so much joy working in a restaurant, again. I thrive so much when I am just constantly interacting with people. Red Lobster really values their employees, as well. There's so many benefits provided for employees and ways for advancement. I work with some pretty cool people, too. Surprisingly, I knew none of my employees prior to working there. Currently, we're emensley overstaffed. Even guests comment on how many employees we have on the floor saying, "y'all have more employees than tables," haha. Yet, I'm happy and blessed to be serving and having cash flow. Right now, I just work on the weekends because I'm concurrently working at the Gateway and of course, school.

Due to my family situation, I am forced to be on my grind like this. I do not have parents, grandparents, or any other family members I can go to for help with my finances. However, God has blessed with a job that provides free rent, as well as a weekend job so I can have cash flow. I just need to get better at managing and budgeting my money so that my money is able to grow. I'm focusing a lot on staying positive and keeping positive people surrounding me. With Christ I know I will have great success.

To my fellow Dentonites: If you're afford to treat yourself this weekend, I suggest you do so at the new Red Lobster off of I-35, next to Olive Garden.

With Purpose,