Monday, January 25, 2010

Race and Gender

In America, I feel that black people are harassed way more than whites. On the news, they show black mug shots more often than they show those of whites. As a black man, I have encountered instances where I have been harassed just for being black. I have been stopped by cops while walking through predominately white neighborhoods, just because it was late at night and I was black.

I have white friends that are girls and they have told me that their parents have taught them to be more afraid of black men. They are automatically a bit more nervous when around black men than if they were next to a white man. It is almost their nature to be on the defense and have a guard up when she finds herself around black men.

It's as if blacks can't live in nice neighborhoods nor drive nice cars without it being stolen. These are things that will unfortunately never change.

With Purpose,