Monday, February 23, 2009

fast forward

Since January 20th, I have been on a constant roller coaster. School took off on a speeding bullet, beginning the first day of classes. I have been very on top of my studies by spending almost every evening at the library. So far it hasn't been hard to do so. Thanks to the motivation and encouragement of friends, I've not had to really force myself to study. It's looking like a very easy semester, thus far, I just need to make sure I continue to stay focused.

I was blessed with the opportunity to work on another non-profit event in Dallas. My old friend/mentor, Alexander Pappas, contacted me to be part of LOVE is coming to town: a benefit for Falling Whistles. I was the PR Coordinator for the event and also worked on the venue layout. Falling Whistles is a cause that raises money for art therapy for war stricken children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. LOVE was held in the underground basement of South Side on Lamar. It was unique night of art, music, and love. By far this was the most amazing cause I have ever had the honor to be part of. Listening to the stories of the Congolese men and women, and what their families have suffered through, made me really think about how important it is the give back. The evening was a complete success. Sean D. Carrasso, founder of Falling Whistles, addressed the crowd about the passion behind FW and what they can do to contribute. We surpasses 1200 people in attendance when we were only expecting a little over 500.

I also had the privilege of being surrounded around amazing people of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. People who are passionate about giving and who follow their dreams. Artist Zach Saucedo has become one of my very good friends. Specializing is the artistry of trees, this man is one of most talented artist I have ever met. Ninya Johson, who works for Donny Nelson, has also become a great friend. Her love for the Lord and her drive, character, and motivation, is something to admire. Quest St. Jacobs, Lee Ann Herchman, Hillary Ferrar, and Jennifer Lewis, to name a few, are all incredible people whom have only begun to do great things in their life. Once again, I was inspired by those who are young and successful. That's why I'm ALWAYS in Dallas. The city is enthralled with ingenious, influential, and incredible human beings that keep me motivated to continue on my current path.

Last night, I went my my friend's birthday party and got to hang out with a lot of the people I met during the LOVE event. I also had a chance to meet and talk to Donny Nelson of the Dallas Mavericks. He was very cool and extended any type help he could provide me with in the future. I was so honored. Also, I met Lisa Endicott, a PR director in Dallas. She too like me and said I had great energy.

This will be my last week at Overhead Door. Next Monday, I will begin working at my apartment complex. I'm looking for a weekend job, so you know about any employment opportunities, please give me a call. This week should be very lax with no test or projects. I'm looking forward to a week without many responisiblites

With Purpose,


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