Sunday, November 23, 2008

the legacy

So, this morning our entire church family gathered for one service, at the Special Events Center, for our "Thanksgiving Service," and to commemorate the 140th anniversary of our church, First Baptist Church of Garland (FBCG). It was incredible to look back to where our church started. They used to baptise people in a creek (Duck Creek), beginning in 1868. The oldest living member of our church is 99 years old, and we have two members that have members of FBCG for 84 years! What an incredible testament to devotion! I saw a lot people I haven't seen in a while because they go to one of the other 3 services other than the one I attend. A lot of my "kids" from camp were also in attendance. It was awesome to see them still devoted to maturing and strengthening their relationship with Christ.

My brother from another mother, Jacob Houghton, preformed, along with his drama troop from Dallas Baptist University, during Sunday School. The dramatization portrayed a girl who was saved but got lost in the desires of the world. It ended with the girl being broken and seeking the Lord, but her sin would not let her. The Lord (Jacob) was trying to pull her out of the darkness and eventually went in and took on the weight of her sin. She was covered in God's grace and born again. For me, it showed how no matter how much we deny and turn away from Christ, He is always there. He never leave nor forsake us. All we have to is call on Him, and He'll come and rescue from the sin that binds us.

Only going to work Monday and Tuesday because I leave to go Louisiana for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. I'll be there until Saturday. I can't wait to get back my roots and be with my family, and eat some AMAZING food!

I have a Marketing test Tuesday and have yet to study. The plan is to begin studying in a few hours. We'll see

With purpose,



kspuckett said...

I enjoyed reading your comments about church today at the special events center. It is amazing to be a part of such a wonderful church with such a legacy and as the pastor said with the best yet to come. Have a great Thanksgiving week and good luck on your test.

In Christ-

Life of Jacob said...

im so glad the skit we did went well and spoke to you.
that was our prayer, and i am glad God worked!