Wednesday, June 24, 2009

taking it day by day

Wow, I can not believe it's been over a month since I've written a blog post. Every since summer began I have have been so busy. Weeks following the end of the Spring semester I quit working at Gateway at Denton Apartments. The job turned out to be something completely different that what I thought it was going to be. I was unhappy with my job responsibilities as well as my management. I'm a big believer in companies expressing value and appreciation to their employees. At Gateway, they do not care how they treat you; they want you to things their way, no questions asked. So, since our beliefs were not compatible, I decided to separate myself from the company. However, I did still renew my lease here because I like my apartment and my friends, Nicky & Steven, had already signed a lease to be my roommates.

After I quit, I contacted my old manager at Overhead Door Corporation (this is where I worked before I worked at Gateway). When I put in my two weeks notice at OHD, my manager told me that I could always come back if my job turned out to be something other than what I thought it was going to be. In a way I feel as if he knew that I was going to end up coming back. OHD is an amazing company. It's a great place to work for college kids because they're very flexible with your personal work schedule, and you are only required to work every other Saturday. So last week, I started working back there again. It felt good to be back. They hired a lot of new people within my two month absence. The best part about coming back is that I got a raise! So I work there during the week & every other Saturday, but I'm still working at Red Lobster on the weekends.

About two weeks ago, two friends of mine and I decided we want to go to Vegas at the end of summer. My friend, Jarrod, and I have been talking about wanting to go for over a year now; we finally just committed and contacted Travel Agent. Damon, our Travel Agent, is getting us a really great deal for our 5 day/4 night vacation. I haven't gone anywhere in a long time so I'm super stoked about this trip. It'll be Jarrod, my friend Ashley, and myself that are going August 13Th-17Th. Also, two weeks ago, I started summer school. I'm taking Spanish 1010 at UNT. Reluctantly, it's not as hard as I imagined it was going to be. I haven't taken Spanish in 5 years, so I was pretty nervous about it. Thankfully, I have a great teacher who really wants us to succeed. She breaks it down and does not move on until she is confident that we all understand a certain part.

Along with working two jobs and taking summer school, I am also working with Falling Whistles remotely. I wanted to go to California for the internship but it was impossible. So, I'm in correspondence with an intern there, trying to set some events up in the Dallas area for FW. My friend and future roommate, Nicky, and I are serious about starting up a non-profit of our own. We both have a heart for helping those in need, as well as educating and motivating the youth of the world so that they will be successful in life.

So far, this summer has been all over the place. I live for "Margarita Mondays & .40 Wings Tuesdays" con mis amigos! I'm appreciating the simple pleasures in life as I'm getting older. I miss my family back in Louisiana. I won't be going down there this year for the 4Th of July because I have to save up for my Vegas trip, so I won't see them until Thanksgiving.

Yeah, I'm taking these three months to get my life together, get grounded, get back in touch with my faith, and to continually advance in maturity. With everyday that goes by, I am less and less tolerant of drama, bullcrap, and just any and everything that gets in the way of me achieving what I need to achieve. Cheers to summertime!

With Purpose,


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